iUPS Guard - Securing Critical Power

GE Industrial Solutions - iUPS Guard

GE’s iUPSGuard is a remote monitoring solution for UPS, providing status monitoring and alarm notification that supports all GE UPS product lines, anytime, anywhere. iUPSGuard provides current and detailed information about UPS operation, including its configuration, internal alarms and
operating conditions over web.


iUPSGuard notifies personnel of critical alarms and events via email or SMS, allowing a user or GE technician to make timely decisions on critical conditions. In addition, comprehensive data collection and analysis improves diagnostics capability and enhances response time. Continuous monitoring and ongoing maintenance help ensure maximum performance of your UPS equipment as it protects business critical applications.


Key Features


GE Industrial Solutions - iUPS Guard status reportSafe and Secure

  • Highly secure and efficient data transmission
  • SSL encrypted unidirectional communication
  • Firewall friendly – no changes required to firewall settings or proxy servers providing easy deployment and addressing compliance objectives


Flexible Communication Options

  • Supports various communications including IP, GPRS and PSTN
  • Alarms notification through email and SMS


24x7 UPS Status and Monitoring

  • Optimized data transmission helps ensure the latest and most up-to- date information is available
  • Alarms and other critical events are submitted automatically on occurance of event, all other values on a regular basis
  • Data collection of status values, settings, as well as alarm and event logs
  • Easy to configure and connect


Key benefits


GE Industrial Solutions - iUPS Guard summaryImproved Response Time and High Availability

  • 24x7 monitoring of UPS status and operating parameters
  • Provides instant alerts in case of critical alarms and events available over web that allows immediate fault analysis as well as corrective actions
  • Availability of detailed UPS status improves pre-dispatch diagnostic and first time fix as the service team is arriving pre-informed
  • iUPSGuard provides early warning of parameters, operating conditions and diagnostic information that allows resolution of operating anomalies


Regular UPS Status Reports

  • Detailed reporting system of iUPSGuard provides valuable information on equipment operating conditions and trends over period of time
  • Summary of events that have occurred and their frequency and duration for the entire monitoring period
  • Preparing maintenance recommendation based on data analysis


Flexible and Scalable

  • iUPSGuard can communicate through various channels and monitors single UPS or parallel UPS systems through web/SNMP card.